Equity Follows the Law

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Equity Follows the Law


Value has no conflict with law neither one of the its abrogates the arrangements of law. Nor it is the foe of law. It receives and keeps the essential guidelines of law. It is said that value isn’t an assemblage of law acting in opposition to law however is fairly an enhancement to law. It is a notable principle that value follos the analogies of law. The value came not to demolish the law however to fulfit it, to enhance it, to clarify it. Value regard each expression of law.

Which means

Value is expected to enhance the law and not to supplant it.

Case law

Cowper versus Cowper 1734, 2P WNS 720

The attentiveness of the court is to be represented by the guidelines of law and value which are not restrict however each in tur to be compliant to other, this prudence sometimes keeps the law implicity, in different helps it and advances the cure; in other against it assuages against the maltreatment or eases its meticulousness yet for no situation does it repudiate or upset the grounds of rule thereof.


It has application in the accompanying two viewpoints.

1. As to legitimate bequests, rights and intrigue:

As respects lawful homes, right and interests, value was and is carefully limited by the guidelines of law and it has no attentiveness to stray there from. Value doesn’t permit an uncalled for use to be made of lawful rights so value continues with respect to the standard of primogeniture.

Case Law

Strickland versus Aldrige 1804

It was held prohibition of the more youthful individual from a family from property as per the standard of primogeniture doesn’t make a specific conditions qualifying for a help at equiry, in light of the fact that the oldest child gets just what he is qualified for get in law.

2. As to Equitable rights and intrigue:

As a rule, value acts by similarity to the guidelines of law according to fair titles and homes. Impartial domains are guided by the guidelines of OK as lawful home.


Significant parts of adage:

Following are the two significant parts of this adage.

Value embraces and adhering to the standards of law in all situations where relevant.

Value observes the similarity of law

Special cases:

Following are special cases

I. Where a standard of law didn’t explicitly apply.

ii. Where even by relationship the standard of law didn’t matter, value planned and applied it, own principles.

Finishing Remarks:

To close it very well may be said that value consistently adheres to the law in the feeling of obeying it and adjusting to its overall standards and strategy, regardless of whether contained in precedent-based law or sculpture law. The standards of value can not abrogate the particular arrangements of law.